La Jolla revisited

When: May 2023 Weather: Cool 17C

Nikon P950

Checking out of our hotels early, we drove our hire car northbound out of San Diego and stopped off at La Jolla Village for breakfast and a walk along La Jolla Cove. Breakfast at recommended The Cottage restaurant was ordinary…. but La Jolla Cove was pretty as always and great value for an hour…

La Jolla Cove with a nice walk and the sea lions and seals on the promontory
Almost the first thing you notice are these large flocks of Brown pelicans flying all around…such a delight…
Occasionally a single pelican will zip by
The sea lions and seals were relaxed in the morning sun…
frolicking in the water

and just floating in the sea

Western gull amongst the flowers
immature ring billed gull
and I had to include this picture of the western gulls on the beach with the shadow of an overhead bird amongst them….cool
and finally a few distant cormorants preening

La Jolla Cove is a great place to stop for an hour on the drive back to LAX…recommended.