Kaeng Krachan Birding (4) Peak and Sea of clouds

When: November 2022, Weather: Warm 25-30C. Nikon P900, 950, Leica Q and M11

Our final morning, we set off early for the summit to view the sea of clouds and do a bit more birding….it was a long 2 hour drive up the peak….

When we approached the summit, there were way too many people (it was a sunday after all) but our guide brought us to the end of the road where the King has his holiday residence….here the view of the clouds was good without the crowds
the road at the top of the mountain
first bird was this rather large dollar bird
and from a gazillion miles away this charming red rumped parrot hopped
yellow browed warbler
A green eared barbet which I initially mistook for a lineated barbet
and just before we descended, this lovely female white throated rock thrush entertained me for a few minutes
black throated sunbird

As we descended, we stopped off a a trail to try and find some of the larger hornbills, we soon heard them calling…and found several great hornbills perched on a high tree….they however took off quickly with loud whooshes from their great wings…a fitting farewell to a few great days in Kaeng Krachan National Park, in Thailand. Recommended

Kaeng Krachan Birding (1) Nana Resort

When: November 2022 Weather 20 to 30C

Nikon P900, Nikon P950, Leica Q, Leica M11/35mm Summilux

After our meeting in Bangkok(BKK), we spent two nights at the Nana resort just outside Kaeng Krachan(KK) National Park, a 3 hour drive from Bangkok. Just an hour outside BKK, we stopped for lunch at an unpretentious but very good seafood restaurant called Daeng Seafood restaurant….as good as it was unexpected! We had a veritable feast at very reasonable charges…

Daeng Seafood restaurant, apparently former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra dines here regularly
wonderful prawn dish….don’t miss this restaurant if your’re driving to KKNP

Replete, we drove on another 1.5 hours to the KK Park area where we arrived at the Nana resort, our home for the 2 nights…the greenery around us boded well for the birding….

Nana Resort Kaeng Krachan, nicer than we expected!
A beautiful river runs alongside the resort and the sight of several oriental pied hornbills in flight over the river was a welcome sight. They were also commonly seen around the resort
Oriental Pied Hornbills were easily seen
the resort grounds were pleasant enough with a butterfly enclosure
which housed some lovely butterflies
Red collared doves were plentiful in the evening light
chinese pond heron
green bee eater
Siamese pied starling
streak eared bulbul
at breakfast the next morning, this beautiful Black Baza watched over us from afar
his mate wasn’t far away
Sooty headed bulbul

Barn swallows

So this was a reasonable start to our stay in Nana Resort and a few birds before the serious birding started the next day….