Bolsa Chica revisited for an hour

When: May 2023 Weather: Sunny but cool 15C

Nikon P950

After our conference in San Diego, we drove back up the highway stopping off at La Jolla for breakfast to visit the seals and sealions before heading back to the Huntington Beach Area for Vietnamese Pho and shopping….I felt it would be wasteful not to take a quick walk in Bolsa Chica to see what the wetlands had for us in the hour that we had….

almost immediately my old friend, Allen’s Hummingbird whom I had met a few times before appeared…
and flashed his gorgeous gorget at us to say Hi!
Ruddy ducks were in the water with terns overhead
this pretty but hard to identify warbler perched nearby
Song sparrow
a charming house wren sang to his heart’s content
a majestic great blue heron flew overhead
the pretty housefinch is always worth photographing
as is the song sparrow
the tree swifts were very busy flying around and occasionally perched
even an american crow looked nice in the sun
a huge canadian goose flew by with the houses fringing Bolsa Chica in the background
not to be outdone, this western osprey with his catch also zipped by
the common but pretty western kingbird
And as if to say goodbye to us, Allens Hummingbird took off with a flash of orange …

Bolsa Chica Wetlands has been one of my favourite birding locations in the Huntingdon Beach area for many years…with good reason. We were there this time at around 5pm and it was cool, had good light and we saw quite a few things…even my pal who is not a birder found it fun. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Bob Kaufman again for his help in identifying the birds.

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