Birding and Botany in San Diego Botanic Gardens

When: May 2023 Weather : Cool 15C

Leica Q, Nikon P950

Back in San Diego for our convention for the first time after a few years, we hired a car to visit the San Diego Botanic Gardens (SDBG) just 30min north of SD where it had been reported that the rare and endangered Jade Vine was in bloom. Tickets were $18 per head ….We arrived about 10am and stayed for a couple of hours.

The San Diego Botanic Gardens, 30min from downtown San Diego, 10 min from Carlsbad Outlets

The conservatory just behind the ticket office is clearly seen in the first photograph, our main target plant of this visit, the Jade Vine, was found in the far left corner . The Jade vine is an uncommon vine from the Philippines and I’m lucky enough to have one in my garden in Singapore….it’s only ever bloomed once for me a year or so ago and I was keen to see the one here in SDBG and more importantly talk to the experts here as to how to make it bloom again…

the conservatory has several huge ‘chandeliers’ hanging from the ceiling and they can be lowered for events and for watering
In the far corner of the conservatory, the jade vine glowed!

the spectacular jade vine
another unopened spray of the turquoise green jade fine flower
another unusual plant….the voodoo flower
the beautifully maintained gardens
Beautifully landscaped gardens with well maintained walkways
Succulents were stunning
Another uncommon flower in bloom….the stunningly blue sapphire tower
The Puya alpestris …sapphire tower
more succulents
Floral dancer

Of course botanic gardens are amongst my favourite birding places… avian friends obviously love flora as much as I do….first up, the always delightful Californian hummingbird….

Allen’s Hummingbirds were zipping around…
flashing his lovely orange gorget at the camera
the common but very pretty house finch
house finch
House finch in flight heading straight towards me!
female house finch
American bushtit
Last bird of the morning .where else but in the car park! The gorgeous male hooded oriole in breeding plumage
Hooded oriole with typical black throat
So it was a very nice two hours spent at the SD Botanic Gardens….here the pacific ocean seen in the distance. Beautiful gardens, lovely plants, great birds….nice start to our San Diego visit.


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