Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.  I live in Singapore but travel a lot and love photography and nature..hence the natural traveller! I shall describe my journeys, highlight the highs and share the trials and joys of travel. I bird watch a lot, love macro photography and also seek out snakes in their natural habitat…. There will be airline comments, restaurant reviews and where appropriate, my visits to places of natural beauty where  flora and fauna will be my foci.

I love my Leica M9P, Monochrom, M240 and Q and many of my images are made with these beautiful cameras…my birding pictures are taken with a Nikon P900(what a great tool for the money!  Trust me..if you are not into carrying big heavy stuff..this is plenty good enough) or Sony A55/70-400G lens(when I’m feeling strong and need a workout).  Macro shots are with a Canon 550/60mm macro with Raynox250 and a custom made Peter Lee flash diffuser.

The Natural Traveller: My Leica and me

The Natural Traveller: My Leica and me

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  1. fantastic stuff Ron.. I just managed to check out the blog today.. I think its an amazing effort onn your part and love the flow of stuff ….shall be back soon on this blog 🙂

  2. Wow…. Dr. Yeah, let me write in Chinese.. I can express better this way.
    你的人生一点一滴都描述在这些美丽的照片片里。精彩,欢笑,刺激,危险,可爱,可笑,等等…. 希望你能继续用你自然的心情拍更多美丽的照片。感谢及感恩,ChinBoon

  3. Great photos, good chat tonight at dinner. Visit us next time you’re in London. (The complex ecosystem of beautiful downtown Wandsworth needs recording…)

  4. Hello! I am a fiber artist – I make art quilts, often using photographs as a basis for my work. I am involved in a project called “Inspired by Endangered Species” and would be interested in using one or two of your photos from 2014 (!) of the Singapore freshwater crab. If you would give me permission, I would do my best to represent the species well. The project will be made into a book by Schiffer publishing, here in the U.S. where I live. I would, of course, credit your name and contact info or website if my piece is selected for the book and exhibits. The project will be exhibited in various venues for up to two years. Please contact me for more information or to let me know whether you would allow me to use your work as inspiration. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

    • Hi Dena,
      Thank you for your interest in my photos; please go ahead and use them and I appreciate the acknowledgement. Some people just use them without even asking as a courtesy. Good luck and keep me posted if it’s published. Regards


  5. Hello,

    my name is Torkel and in a few weeks time I will be passing Singapore for a few days. I am very interested in herpetofauna and snakes especially. Since I am from Sweden I take every chance I can to try and see snakes when I travel southwards.

    I have previously been in Singapore and had some luck with night-time trips to Pasir Ris (Whip Snakes, Water Snakes, and a Painted Bronzeback). I especially like to do nighttime excursions but at the time I did not know any other place than Pasir Ris where that was possible. Now I when I return I figured to maximise my chances of seeing something I should try and get in contact with some “experts” seeking some recommendations for where (and when) I have good chances of finding something.

    You obviously seem to know the are well and know what you are doing (and take very pretty pictures, unfortunately I am not there yet, maybe some day I will…). Do you have any tips you could give?


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