Birding in Daan Park, Taipei

When: May 2023 Weather: Wet and Cool 22C

Nikon P950

In Taipei for a weekend, we headed off for Daan Park in Taipei City where there were apparently nesting Taiwanese Barbets. It was raining when we got there so we spent an agreeable hour at the Jianguo Flower Market under the flyover . By the time the rain stopped it was about 9am and we headed into the park….the call of the taiwanese Barbet was all around but they were difficult to spot!

The entrance to Daan Park next to Jianguo Flower market as the rain stopped
the black capped night heron welcomed us
white breasted waterhen
Tree on the island where scores of herons and egrets were nesting
the lovely lake area where all the water birds nest
egrets aplenty in breeding plumage
juvenile herons messing around
older nestling
black capped night heron on the water
Formosan magpie
Light vented bulbul
The Malayan night heron
The Malayan Night heron is also known as the Tiger Bittern
and just before we left, we heard the call of the Taiwanese Barbet, our target bird….it wasn’t a great sighting but at least it was a sighting!
Last bird of the park after an hour…the common black bulbul

This was an hour well spent..although quite a busy city park, quite a lot to see. And if you are plant lover, don’t miss the adjacent Jianguo flower market.


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