Birding Viktoriapark and Schlosshotel Kronberg

When: Late July 2022 Weather : 20-30C Nikon P950 Leica SL2S

Staying at the Schlosshotel Kronberg just outside Frankfurt city for retreat was perfect for me as it was set in beautiful grounds with a golf course around it and right next to Viktoriapark, a decently sized park, promising some decent birding.

I set off at 7am for the Viktoria park entering it from the entrance just outside the hotel and started exploring….

the beautiful Schlosshotel Kronberg converted from a palace….surrounded by greenery

a hare next to the golf course bade me good morning

juvenile female blackbirds were every where.

Viktoriapark….I started at the top left entrance and went down to the two lakes at the bottom right of picture before looping back tot the top left..

a beautiful European Robin caught my attention
He sang away lustily!

the splendid red breasted robin or european robin

an interesting park bench

By the pond at the top of the map was this pair of Egyptian geese…..I didn’t even notice junior coming into the frame on the left

Mum and dad Egyptian geese with their baby….

another Robin sang away amongst the holly

and around the bottom lakes, a few grey wagtails flitted about
grey wagtail

The viktoriapark and Schlosshotel gardens are a great place for a 2 hour ramble…..and if you are staying here, a birding ramble is a wonderful outing. Recommended

schlosshotel kronberg peeping through the greenery

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