Bangalore Birding : Puttenahalli Lake Bird Reserve

When: 7am August 2022 Weather: Cool 20C Nikon P50

In Bangalore for a weekend conference and my hosts very kindly arranged this bird outing with a local guide and nature reserve staff. Only 20 min from the Sheraton Grand Hotel at Brigade Gateway, the Puttenahalli Nature Reserve is one of the man-made lakes in Bangalore which used to be a water treatment plant, a euphemism for sewage treatment plant! They were then converted into nature reserves run by a local conservation trust and has developed into a bird reserve, a welcome location in Bangalore itself.

The Puttenahalli Lake Bird Nature Reserve
The small lake has 3 little islands, home to many nesting cormorants and herons….
The portents were good as we soon spotted this little cormorant cruising on the lake
The second island had a tree in which numerous cormorants, darters and herons were nesting…much like a christmas tree!
tranquil channel between islands
Oriental darters galore
Grey herons
black crowned night
juvenile night heron
juvenile night heron close up
there are several observation hides along the path
Oriental darters preening
spot billed duck from afar
spectacular plumage of darter
The Indian cormorant, slightly larger than the little cormorant and with a distinctive blue eye
and from a long way away, a white browed wagtail lifer!
white browed wagtail
a large black headed Ibis then settled right in front of us!
black headed ibis
ubiquitous purple swamp hen
The largest of the cormorants, the great cormorant preening
juvenile purple heron
rose ringed parakeet
ashy headed prinia
ashy prinia
red whiskered bulbul
an awful shot of a cinereous bulbul flying towards me
an equally awful shot of a hidden common tailorbird…we also caught fleeting glimpses of the purple rumped sunbird and plain billed flowerpecker
White throated kingfisher
So a fruitful 90 minutes well spent here in Bangalore….recommended!

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