Birding Altkonig, Taunus Mountains, Germany

When: Late July 2022. Weather Cool 18C Time 7am

Nikon P950 Leica SL2S 35mm Apo Summicron

With a few hours free in the morning, we set off to bird at the Altkonig area in the Taunus mountain range, barely 20minutes from our hotel, the Schlosshotel Kronberg. This as well as my previous post on birding Schwanheimer Dunen was based on the most useful suggestions made by Jonas from the German birding site bird-lens It’s a great resource and made my visit to Germany much more interesting. Many thanks!

Driving up the gravelly and partially metalled road leading up to the Altkonig, we finally got to an area where there was much logging being done with many piles of logs piled up around. Google maps brings you here.

We parked near a pile of logs…and started walking around


Numerous tiny birds were singing and zipping around…difficult to shoot!

Great tit

Male Blackcap. Picture courtesy of Bryan Lin

female Blackcap
female eurasian blackcap
Eurasian Blue Tit (ID courtesy of Johannes Ferdinand)
Eurasian blue tit
Immature European Robin (ID courtesy of Johannes Ferdinand)
immature european robin
star bird of the morning: the Eurasian treecreeper
superbly camouflaged eurasian treecreeper

and in between birding we were able to enjoy a beautiful view of Frankfurt CIty from the Altkonig.

We descended the hill after a couple of hours and were back in Kronberg in 20min. This was a great scenic location for a couple of hours early morning birding in the summer. Highly recommended.

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