Rosh Tzippor Birdwatching Centre,Tel Aviv

Rosh Tzippor Birdwatching Centre,Tel Aviv

When:  January 2020              Weather:  Cool 15C

Leica M10P 35mm Summilux    Nikon P900

Just a 15 min cab ride from our hotel, The Tal Hotel, is a bird sanctuary near the Hayarkon River…the Rosh Tzippor


Entrance to the Rosh Tzippor Bird Sanctuary in Tel Aviv


This small 8 acre reserve has several hides and this one is sunk into the ground so we are viewing almost at water level….


view from the main hide to the left


and to the right


An Egyptian goose posed in the morning glow


The hooded crows were everywhere


across the pond just infront of another hide, the pied kingfisher perched


he put on an aerial display, hovering and trying to catch fish unsuccesfully


he then flew in right next to the hide to give us definitive detailed shots of it..the beautiful Pied Kingfisher


Having just seen monk parakeets in their native Brazilian habitat last month, I was surprised to see them here too in Israel…


Spotted dove


Common mynah

graceful prinia (3)

In and amount the bushes, this little active fellow flitted

graceful prinia (4)

a graceful prinia

graceful prinia (5)

graceful prinia

graceful prinia (6)

Graceful prinia


on the water, this little grebe posed


Little grebe…he soon dived to catch his breakfast


and came up trumps!


Sashimi for breakfast


a pair of moorhens


then this coot sailed past


with a common kingfisher zipping by


wayyyyy in the distance beyond the pond I glimpsed something …could only get this blurry shot of the Eurasian Kestrel

We then exited the park to take a walk on the cycle/pedestrian walkway around the whole reserve…there were two smaller hides on this outer perimeter….


coming to the first hide,a kingfisher perched


a white breasted kingfisher


it looked pretty much like the ones I get in Singapore except we call it the white throated KF


this little hide was excellent…..a common KF was nearby


and he too posed for quite a while in brilliant sunshine


the common KF


and then this drab bird appeared with a curved beak …a type of sunbird…and since the only sunbird in Israel is the Palestine Sunbird, I guess it was the female…


and the last bird of the morning was this European Stonechat or Saxicola

saxicola (3)

Shooting this bird in the sunshine was a wonderful end to the morning’s walk

saxicola (2)

Saxicola : male

female saxicola (2)

the female Saxicola was not to be outdone and also posed

female saxicola

Female saxicola

So our first bird outing in Tel Aviv with my Japanes friend who was a first time birder yielded a number of upclose sightings in great morning light.   He was only shooting with a 70-280mm zoom but still got some great shots.  The Rosh Tzippor birdwatching centre in the heart of Tel Aviv is well spending some time at.  Recommended.

Oh and I have to end with this:  a well known Israeli artist called David Gerstein makes metal wall sculptures and one of his works is this….the Hoopoe, the national bird of Israel…..


Hoopoe metal sculpture by David Gerstein


Here is the real thing…a hoopoe with a few common mynahs




2 thoughts on “Rosh Tzippor Birdwatching Centre,Tel Aviv

  1. These photos are beautiful! I was just in Jerusalem a few weeks ago and saw the White-breasted Kingfisher and Hoopoe. It’s so noce to see that other people are enjoying the avifauna too!

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