Birding the canal near where I live

Birding the canal near where I live

When : October 2018 730am.    Weather:  Cool 22C

Nikon P900

I’d glimpsed what I thought was a common kingfisher in the canal behind where I live a few days ago and so we went again early this morning to see if we could find it.  As we approached the canal, I thought I saw it on a pole but it flew away quickly….. so we walked up and down the canal sides and this is what we saw in an hour….


A handsome spotted dove by the canal edge



and then this really very handsome striated heron watching the water intently…



He wasn’t the only one! Along the canal’s edge there were at least 3-4 different ones at different points…here we can see the bluish head and rump of the striated heron



the canal was teeming with tilapia fish of all sizes and clearly was the subject of interest for waterbirds and KFs alike…



here a solitary male in breeding colours guarding his circular sand nest



and then this black and white pied wagtail started wading in the water as well



sorry about the ass shot…..pied wagtail



And then my wife yelled out …the Kingfisher is here! And there he was the not so common common KF perched on a most unsightly pile of scaffolding by the canal….



and what was even better was that he’d caught a fish and was trying to move it into a position in which it could be swallowed



almost there…..



and just before it went down the hatch…what a treat to see the Common KF having his sashimi breakfast



moving on, we spotted the ‘resident’ white throated KF perched on the railing, flying back and forth catching fish



White throated KF



and he even flew over to our side of the canal and perched just 10 feet from us..



A zebra dove also kept an eye on us…



and finally, there were a group of little egrets on a little mudbank in the canal.

Just before we left, I heard the characteristic screeching of a lapwing and looked up to see three red wattled lapwings flying over and landing further away.   This canal which has just been landscaped by the national parks board in Singapore seems to be attracting the birds!

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