Birding at the Capella: birding in comfort

When: January 2016             Weather: hot 30C

Nikon P900


Birding in the tropics usually entails an early start or evening ramble due to the scorching midday sun…and getting hot and sweaty is just part of the deal….that is unless you bird at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island, Singapore.  I had stayed here before and noticed that if you got a seaview room, there were several trees right in front where there were numerous birds.  So as we were attending a wedding over the weekend, I took the opportunity to bring the cameras and binos along to do some comfortable birding from the air-conditioned comfort of my room.  We lucked out by getting a seaview room on level 4 (room 420) to be precise and if anyone wants to bird whilst at the Capella, get this room or any others adjacent to it and you’ll have a great time…


The panoramic view from our Capella picture windows with strategic trees right in front…


almost as soon as we settled into our room, I saw this colourful little fellow gazing at me….can you spot the other one in the picture?


the gorgeously coloured coppersmith barbet which i seem to be encountering more often recently


here with a red eyed Asian glossy starling


this one caught a grub for dinner…

DSCN6156These pictures are a little soft as they are taken through the glass windows of the room..


there were numerous blue tailed bee eaters..


a dragonfly for lunch


the common but still spectacular black naped oriole



an orange breasted green pigeon with a coppersmith barbet and javan mynah for company



a striking pair of red whiskered bulbuls


red whiskered bulbul giving the pigeon grief


a yellow vented bullbul also visiting the pigeon


juvenile mynah?


green pigeon


there were several sightings of the magnificent oriental pied hornbill


the yellow vented bulbul is v common in singapore..


here the yellow vent is easily seen..


and in the morning I saw this largish bird fly into the big tree right in front of me..


a wonderful crested goshawk in all its glory


brilliant yellow eye


quite magnificent crested goshawk


and then in a flurry of white movement, the sulphur crested cockatoo perched obligingly for me…


preening himself, the crest is beautifully raised here and the wings can be seen to have a yellow hue as well


sulphur crested cockatoo



And if that’s not enough birding for you….you can see peacocks….


and peahens strutting around the hotel grounds


so this is the big tree right outside room 420 where most of these pictures were taken, the roofs of the villas are seen below..

So there you have it….how to birdwatch the lazy way….sitting in airconditioned comfort with a drink in hand, binoculars and camera at your side….oh…and if you want to take better pictures without having to shoot through the glass, there is a small balcony to the side where you can take direct photos of the birds…the Capella is an expensive hotel but I think that for what it offers the birdwatcher as an introduction into birding in singapore, it’s fantastic!  My favourite hotel in Singapore bar none….unless you are a shopper!





5 thoughts on “Birding at the Capella: birding in comfort

  1. LOL! I’m not a birdwatcher by any means but I just looooove the idea of sitting in an airconditioned (not too airconditioned though..!) classy hotel with a fancy cocktail in hand and binoculars and camera at my side… Count me in!

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