Birding on the Railway Corridor, Singapore

When:  January 2016      Weather Hot 28C

Nikon P900,  LumixFZ200


Finishing work early this day, I went for an evening walk about 430-630pm on the railway corridor in Singapore accessing it via the Old Holland Road/Greenleaf Walk area.  Things didn’t look encouraging at first as there were signs of heavy construction materials strewn everywhere with heavy metal hoardings up everywhere…. just before walking on to the track though….


my old friends the white crested laughing thrushes made an appearance and were being a bit raucous..just next to the Amsterdam Apartments. You can reliably find them here…

Walking along the railway corridor where the old railway tracks had been removed, newly strewn stones and gravel were everywhere and I soon came upon a whole lot of heavy construction equipment and tractors etc…they were doing a canal widening exercise to improve drainage in the area which I’m sure is not good for the birds.

lineated barbet

this spectacular Lineated Barbet perched high up in the trees posed willingly in the evening light…it’s green back resplendent.



He looked very smart from the front too with the characteristic striated chest..


white breasted water hen

there were a number of white breasted water hens as well

coppersmith barbet

the gorgeous but tiny coppersmith barbet then appeared way up high….

coppersmith barbet (2)

coppersmith barbet

tanimbar corellaA Tanimbar Corella


final bird of the evening…the racquet tailed drongo, silhouetted by the setting sun


So this was a short but rather fruitful walk despite the construction works…..hopefully they will finish soon and tidy up the construction mess.




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