Birding in the Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris

Birding in the Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris

When: September 2019 Weather: Warm: 20C

Leica M10P 35mm Summilux Nikon P900

We chose to stay at the Hotel Sainte Beuve a little boutique hotel on line 12 leading to the Porte de Versailles Paris Expo convention centre for our meeting. Fortuitously, the Jardin de Luxembourg was right on our doorstep just a few minutes walk away. On our last day, we managed to head there at daybreak ….

Past the narrow streets leading to the Jardin….Paris was stirring….715am
at the corner facing the jardin was this little cafe beckoning
the park only opened at 730am….
there were nurseries where fruits were cultivated
Three perspectives of the same scene…from further away through the trees
Intermediate distance
and up close
The wood pigeons were everywhere and they were much larger than the feral pigeons
Wood pigeon
The parakeets were raucous in the trees and sweeping across the skies
we headed over to le bassin, a large pond in front of the palais watched over by numerous statues
the palais in the background
Mallards in the pond
European starling
European starling
Black headed gulls by the water
enfin, un peu de couleur…an European Jay flashed across in brilliant blue and posed for just a moment….
The chestnuts were in bloom
a nice little park for an early morning ramble in the busy city centre….teh Jardin de Luxembourg.

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