Giverny : Monet’s Botanical Masterpiece

Giverny : Monet’s Botanical Masterpiece

When: September 2019 Weather: Warm 20C

Leica Q, Leica M10P 35 summilux, Nikon P900

We had planned to take the train to Vernon/Giverny to visit Monet’s house and garden, famed for being the location where he had painted his water-lily series of pictures, 8 of which were in the Orangerie museum. Unfortunately there was a general public transport workers’ strike that day and we had no choice but to take one of the half day coach tours to Giverny. Departing at 0815, the traffic out of Paris was bad and we only arrived there at 1030am and were told to meet back at the coach by noon. We had the audio guide option which was a good choice as it meant that we could listen to all the relevant Monet and Giverny information during the coach journey and just enjoy the gardens when we got there…and we only had an hour and a half.

Walking from the coach car park to the garden, we arrive at the bottom of the picture and immediately took the underpass to the pond and water lily gardens on the right, leaving the house and flower gardens for later viewing
a little stream led into the garden…
A few European starlings watched over le jardin
using my camera with it’s wide aperture set at F1.4, I attempted to get some of the soft focus bokeh effects like one of Monet’s impressionist paintings….
Crocuses by the stream
and then a first glimpse of the famed green Japanese bridge
the famed willow fringed waterlily pond at Giverny….
a quiet corner
an impressionistic view of the pond in black and white
and in colour
pretty flowers were everywhere
The Japanese bridge with lots of visitors on it…
from another angle
water lily pond
contrast in colours
Monet’s water lily pond
after 45minutes, we took a last look and headed back to the underpass to go to the flower beds and the house….
In front of the house, there are rows and rows of flower beds, all in bloom, in a myriad if colours
Monet’s house can be seen in the background
Orange mist
Just a happy explosion of colours
And in the middle of the garden, the trellised archways under which Monet was often photographed
more crocuses
another view of archway with the house behind
after seeing al the flower beds we finally approached the house
which is fronted by a riot of colours….
La maison de Monet a Giverny
Monet’s living room
Living room in monochrome
The dining room in yellow
Monet was famed for his impressionist art but his own stated greatest masterpiece was …his garden at Giverny

All too soon we’d run out of time and had to catch our return coach after a total of 90minutes only…..the ‘5 hour’ half day tours only give you 90minutes here and it’s woefully inadequate. we could easily have spent twice that time here and be happy…so if we were to do it again, we’d definitely go by ourselves and linger. Monet’s house and garden at Giverny is a place for art AND garden lovers…’s well worth the effort getting out here. highly recommended!

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