Batu Karu Temple (Bali)Birding

Batu Karu Temple Birding

When:  August 2019      Weather: Cool 22C

NikonP900, Sony RX10.4

Driving back from West Bali towards the airport, we diverted to the Batu Karu Temple to try and get a few other forest/montane species…arriving there about 4pm.  We birded the road right up to the temple.  Target birds were the Javan Forktail and barbets.


the approach road to the temple complex was festooned with decorations for a religious festival


Batu Karu Temple


Amongst the Oriental white eyes buzzing around were some Javanese Heleia….the grey throated versions of the white eye


scarlet minivet up high


and from a long way away, the short tailed starling

Heading up the road the black naped fruit dove was spotted and heard but alas I could not get a picture….


wearing the required sarongs, we made our way to the pond where Javan Forktails hang out….


Hearing its high pitched call, we soon found the beautiful patterned Javan Forktail


Javan Forktail


Javan Forktail


And then a bonus….we saw something fly into a nearby tree…


A Sunda Cuckoo!


Sunda cuckoo fanning its tail


It was a great hunter ….finding caterpillar after caterpillar


Sunda Cuckoo feeding

Leaving the pond, we descended the main road seeking two barbets….


Perched ridiculously high was the Little Barbet,with a bluish head


Little Barbet


Little Barbet


Whilst we got decent views of the Flame Fronted Barbet through a spotting scope, it was so high up in the fading light that photos were futile…

The Temple Batu Karu is 1.5 hours from the airport and an hour from Ubud so it’s easily doable if you have a few hours. Try not to go on religious festival dates though as it gets crowded!




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