Birding Waingapu, Sumba, Indonesia

Birding Waingapu, Sumba, Indonesia

When: August 2018              Weather : Warm 24C

SonyRX10mk4 and Nikon P900

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to cut short my planned birding trip to Lewa and Billa with my friends after arrival in Waingapu, Sumba.  Managed to get out to the mangrove swamps


the quaint little airport in Waingapu, Sumba


Picture taken from my plane of the mangroves at top of picture where I did all my birding one afternoon and morning. The Padadita hotel which is the 3-4 storey building just in the foreground of the mangroves at the top is a useful landmark for your car’s driver….stay there if you can….it was full when I tried so had to stay at Elvin Hotel about 10 min away by car….


Waingapu is known for its little horses called Sandpaper horses….and you will see many of them being walked by their syces…the Padadita Hotel can be seen in the background


the peaceful surrounds of the hotel Padadita

IMG-20190805-WA0010 (1)

The hotel Padadita is the red dot and the birding area was the beach and mangroves to the left of it

Arafura fantail

First bird of the afternoon was this Arafura Fantail,…very hard to shoot as it barely stopped


Making my way down to the beach and the river…..


a common Kingfisher zipped up and down the river estuary


and then I spotted another KF skulking amongst the branches….A collared KF or Sacred KF??


another view of the same KF with a buff belly


and then in a flurry of activity this appeared in the late afternoon light


the lovely Broad Billed or Melanesian Flycatcher…habitat stretches from northern Australia to the lesser Sundas


Indonesian Honey Eater in the fading light


Indonesian Honey eater with olive green back



Indonesian Honey Eater


Honey Eater


Setting sun over the mangroves at low tide


630am the next day saw sunrise over the hotel


The Lesueur’s or white shouldered Triller, common in Sulawesi and the Sundas…in the early dawn light


Common Sandpiper in mangroves


The Broad Bill Flycatcher was active and vocal in the morning


the colours of the Broad Billed FC picked up by the morning light


Lesueur’s Triller with breakfast


Broad Bill FC

Western reef egret dark morph

Black morph Pacific reef egret


and just before i left, I spotted two interestingly coloured swallows on the wire

striated swallow

A most beautifully coloured Striated Swallow!


Striated Swallow


So it was farewell to the mangroves by the sea at Waingapu

So though I missed out on the birding at Lewa and Billa, my short stay at Waingapu allowed me a bit of birding.  I would stay at the Hotel Panadita though as it makes the mangroves more accessible….





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