Birding & Sightseeing the Tiger’s Nest, Paro, Bhutan

Birding & Sightseeing the Tiger’s Nest, Paro, Bhutan

When:  October 2016                 Weather:  Cool 15 C

Leica M240/35mm Summilux    Nikon P900


After we finished our work in Thimphu, we drove an hour back to our hotel, the Uma Paro in Paro valley, overlooking the international airport.  Paro of course is where the most famed tourist attraction, the Tiger’s Nest is located…it’s a monastery built on the side of a sheer rock face and likely the most visited attraction in Bhutan.  After dropping our bags off, we headed to the Tiger’s Nest or Taktsang in Bhutanese.  The climb is steep and is about 800m in height.  It takes about 1.5 hours to get to the halfway point, a tea house with splendid views of the Tiger’s nest itself.  Many choose to stop here if they are tired or a little under the weather but for the fitter ones, it’s another hour up, down and up again to get to the monastery itself….



View of Taktsang from the beginning of the track





arriving at the tea house, this is the almost eye level view of the Tiger’s Nest..



and in close up….

As I was feeling a little under the weather, I chose to stay at the tea house and not chance the rest of the trek…also wanted to do some birding around the tea house.


the scenery was stunning



Prayer flags were seen all over bhutan..they are hoisted when a family member passes on…even in this remote mountain location



another pavilion near the tiger’s nest


a loud screech above the tea house revealed a Spotted Nutcracker


and then I found a little area behind the shops where I could sit and watch for any birds…..before long I saw these long tailed beauties appear…


the yellow billed blue magpie



and from the front, the seemingly endless tail can be seen to be layered….



a busy little green backed tit appeared


back view of greenbacked tit



the oriental turtle dove was also present



and finally this little beauty showed up…a white browed fulvetta..thanks to Nishant for ID



So by the time my friends made it back from the monastery, I was well rested and had a little birding too…


A spectacular attraction, the birding isn’t too bad too!



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