Reykyavik in autumn


Reykyavik in autumn

When:  September 2016             Weather:   Cold  5-10C

Leica M240, monochrom, 35summilux, 15mmvoigtlander, Nikon P900


After our meeting in Copenhagen, it was a short 3hour flight to Reykyavik for a few days to see Iceland. The city of Reykyavik is dominated by the magnificent church which dominates the skyline and is visible from most parts of the city…


the church overlooking Reykyavik



colourful wooden houses



more colourful houses



One the oddest museums you will see anywhere in the world is the Icelandic Phallological Museum….where specimens of animal phalluses are displayed…here from a whale!



And to put man’s position into proper perspective…..

If you head westward along the main  street Laugavalur, you will soon come to a junction at which a left turn brings you to the Tjornin Pond, where many water birds find their home….


Tjornin Pond



Beautiful flowers dotted the pavements



ducks on the pond



water bird



Lesser black winged gull



swan arriving



another identified waterbird



birds of Tjornin



A European Starling in the city



walking back to the church as the sun set bathing it in a warm orange glow



magnificent church in which a lift can be taken to the top…



an aerial view of the cookie cutter houses



and an Icelandic sunset from the church tower



and the moon rose over Reykyavik


Most visitors to Iceland from September to December desire to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis and they together with the puffins were on my ‘see’ list.  We were however early in the season and being in Reykyavik, were told that it was highly unlikely that we would see the northern lights.  However, according to the people at the northern lights centre and the forecasting centre, the chances of seeing the northern lights that night was 3/10 which they said wasn’t bad for this time of year…. so I crawled out of bed at midnight and ventured into the freezing night air down to the waterfront …


on the waterfront near the Hotel Alda


At first it was only a faint wisp of green in the night air over the houses above me..



and then it brightened up into a deeper green, here better seen with an overexposed photograph…yes! the northern lights were visible from Reykyavik city!



and looking across the bay, more distant formations were visible…


So although Reykyavik itself was a small quiet city, it was interesting enough to spend a day among the colourful houses, the harbour, the church and being lucky enough to spot the northern lights (faint though they were) in Reykyavik itself was a huge bonus! Indeed over the next three nights in the country, there was no sign of the aurora borealis again….











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