Our Borneo adventure (1) Bako

Our Borneo adventure (1): Bako National Park

When:  March 2016    Weather :  Hot 28C

Nikon P900.   Leica M240 35mm summilux

In Kuching, Sarawak for a meeting and my birding pals and I took the opportunity to visit a few places; first port of call was a day trip to Bako National Park. I’d visited it a few years earlier but hadn’t got good pictures of the Proboscis monkeys so I was looking forward to trying again…we arrived at the jetty about 8am and shortly after took the 15 min boat ride on calm waters to Bako NP….as the tide was out, we couldn’t disembark on the jetty so had to roll our trousers up and wade in the shallows to the beach….


bako beach landing


the bearded pig of Bako…


before long our guide helped us locate some movement in the trees above….


the quite unique Proboscis Monkey of Bako


the female Proboscis Monkey with smaller nose


this delightful orange bellied flower pecker made a fleeting appearance


and there were other primates too on Bako…here a family of silver leaf monkeys


silver leaf monkey


infant silver leaf monkey


the beach yielded a solitary Eurasian Curlew


a common sandpiper


collared kingfisher


we took a detour up one of the long trails to see the pitcher plants….if time is short, don’t waste time on this walk….hang around the visitor centre where all sorts of creatures hang out…


this was one of the highlights of Bako…the Bornean Green Keelback Viper….very similar to the Wagler’s Pite Viper




and just before we left in the mid afternoon, this bronzeback slithered across a pond and into the bush

We left Bako by the 3pm boat for a late seafood lunch on the mainland…..Bako is a unique eco system and well worth a day trip.

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