Boiga Dendrophila : The Mangrove or Gold ringed cat snake

When:  October 2015                Weather:  Hot 28C

Canon EOS500D         Leica Q

Not having been herping for a while, we set off for the forest late last night.  It was dry and an easy walk…it looked like it was going to be a very quiet night until J triumphantly called out with his find of the night…Boiga dendrophila or the mangrove cat snake or golden ring cat snake, a mildly venomous colubrid.

midnight in the forest

midnight in the forest

The gold ring cat snake...this was a big snake...prob about 1.5m long ..

The gold ring cat snake…this was a big snake…prob about 1.5m long ..typicaly black with golden yellow rings

a beautiful snake

a beautiful snake

Here's looking at you

Here’s looking at you




scale detail

scale detail

Beautiful even in black and white

Beautiful even in black and white

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