Weekend in Bangalore, India

When visited:  January 2014     Weather Fine, 25 deg C

Arrived late night in Bangalore International Airport…weather was cool and fresh which made it a nice start to the weekend.  The airport was new and well organised and it took us about 40 minutes to get to our hotel, the newly opened Ritz Carlton Bangalore in residency Road.

ImageBangalore airport

The Ritz Carlton Bangalore was only opened a couple of months ago so was spamking new…so new that the rooftop bar was not open yet sadly. There were many artworks dotted throughout the grounds just like the Singapore Ritz Carlton.

ImageArt in the lobby

The room, breakfast and grounds were all as you would expect of a Ritz Carlton but the outstanding thing was the wonderfully helpful attitude of the staff…full marks!

We didn;t have much time to sight see in Bangalore but we did manage to make it to the Tipu Palace and the street market….


The food we had in Bangalore was in a word outstanding!.   The best was probably at the Samarkand restaurant, an Afghan restaurant…the tandoori, briyani etc were excellent.ImageImageThe briyani rice



the other two indian restaurants we ate at were in the Ritz Carlton itself and at a place called the KhanSama in UB City.

The final day, having had enough Indian food..we decided to try the Chinese food at the Lantern in the Ritz Carlton..wonder of wonders,,,it was really excellent chinese food…so for those foodies who want a break from Indian food in Bangalore, I highliy recommend the dim sum and fried rice here


Decor in the Lantern

We did some shopping the last afternoon…and found that travelling around in Bangalore is very cheap…the first day we had an airconditioned taxi that took us around everywhere and waited for us, from 2-6pm…all for US$12…and the second day we took a tuktuk for 3 of us for 2 hours…the driver only wanted 50 rupees or less than US$1! It was embarrassingly cheap so we tipped him well….compared to the extortionate tipping that is expected in the USA, these guys providing such great service in Bangalore and India deserve to be tipped even more!

5 thoughts on “Weekend in Bangalore, India

  1. What a really nice post. India needs a write-up like this as it’s reputation in Germany, is not a nice one right now.
    I went to India, 9 years ago and I really liked it and these photographs remind me why. Lovely!

  2. Wonderful Post. I am from Bangalore living outside India for 24yrs . This post brings back some wonderful memories. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to my home town .

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