Kaeng Krachan Birding (2) : Ban Krang Camp

When: November 2022. Weather : Hot 25-30C. Nikon P900, Nikon P950. Leica M11/35 Summilux

With our ranger guiding us, we set off from Nana Resort to the Kaeng Krachan National Park (KKNP) about 730am and the weather soon got a bit cooler as we headed into the park and up the hilly road. We were planning to bird further up the hill and then return to Ban Krang Campsite to have lunch and bird a bit more.

As soon as you enter the park, there is a large scenic lake on the left…

Lake just beyond the park entrance

As we drove up the winding road, we stopped periodically at various locations, which had helpful birdwatching signs….

typical sign showing where to stop and bird…
stunning verditer flycatcher was one of the first birds we saw
richly coloured thick billed pigeon
red wattled lapwings on the road
beautiful oriental magpie robin
oriental pied hornbills were everywhere
we had to ford a few streams in our thankfully tall enough 4WD to progress
Indian roller

The heavens then opened on us around lunchtime and we sought shelter and lunch at the small cafetaria at Ban Krang camp…the barbecued chicken there is to die for and we spent a very agreeble hour or two there having lunch and birding….

BBQ chicken on a most effective BBQ!

A sun bear visited us hoping for some food but he was a bit skittish and we couldn’t get any pictures….

Gorgeous ruby-cheeked sunbird
lovely green billed malkoha
worth a second picture..green billed malkoha
Pair of stunning mountain bulbuls
Grey eyed bulbul
Skittish grey headed canary flycatcher at the field next to Ban Krang camp
the star bird of the trip was undoubtedly the Heart spotted woodpecker at Ban Krang…you can see a black heart shaped spot on the white wing flash
One more view of heart spotted WP
Black crested bulbul at cafe
ashy wood swallows
Ashy bulbul
Ashy drongos male and female

A reasonably good day’s birding in all! Recommended.

Thanks to Kim Chuah for help in identifying many of the birds.

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