Birding Bachma National Park, Vietnam

When: May 2022 Weather Hot: 28C

Nikon P 950

I was disappointed to find out that there were road works on the road leading to the summit of Bachma National Park meaning access to the park was not possible. Fortunately, our concierge at the Banyan Tree Lang Co was able to make contact with the park ranger or ‘bird man of Bachma’. So we were really looking forward to a morning’s birding in the area with the guide….

Bachma National Park is a hilly area

We set off early and arrived at the park where we met our guide who brought us on a winding mountain road up some of the way just beyond the Pheasant Trail where we set off along a forest trail. Being heavily foliaged, we heard lots of birdsong but spotting them was a different matter….

Whilst the trail itself was fine and a good workout, it was nigh impossible to see any bird life….the highlight of our walk was this bed of flowers!

fallen blooms

racket tailed treepie

poor view of pin striped tit babbler

it was so quiet, we had to start shooting butterflies…

we decided to bird on the road heading down…
A crimson sunbird finally provided some colour

Scarlet backed flowerpeckers at the visitor centre

red whiskered bulbul

scaly breasted munia

Arctic warbler

Ultimately although Bachma national park had promised much, we didn’t really get to see anything unusual or new, largely because we were unable to get to the summit. Still, the walk was interesting and the views were good.

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