The natural traveller on the go again….Catskills birding after Covid…

When: End April 2022 Weather: Cold 1-15C

As we come to terms with COVID being endemic, we started travelling again…first major trip overseas to a meeting in Washington DC followed by a few days birding in the Catskills, 2 hours north of New York. We were lucky to be able to stay at a relative’s house amongst the forested slopes of the Catskills….a darn sight more pleasant than staying in New York City itself!

The weather was unseasonably cold with early birding morning temperatures hovering around zero celsius and only warming up in the afternoon to the teens. The birds obviously also felt the cold and were not that plentiful….the omens were good though as we approached the Catskills on route 28 ..saw my first ever Bald Eagle perched near the highway…unfortunately we couldn’t stop to take a picture.

the house in the Catskills with a few nearby ponds and a viewing platform around the house

The first morning, I woke up to the intermittent tock-tock-tock of a distant woodpecker who absolutely refused to be sighted…. I had to settle for several busy birds flitting around the bushes outside the front door….

a black capped chickadee
A number of them were constantly present over the few days we were there

An Eastern Phoebe posed willingly..

Another Eastern Phoebe
Beautiful Blue headed vireo
Downy woodpecker
Esopus Creek which runs through much of the Catskills

the quite splendidly coloured european starling

Starling displaying

A squirrel feasting intently on his acorn

Spring colours beckoned

American Robin

stunningly beautiful Catskills

Star bird of the morning, the ruby crowned kinglet with its brilliant orange red crown

Another view of ruby crowned kinglet

charming tufted titmouse

yellow rumped warbler

Brown creeper…very distant record shot (thanks to Bob Kaufman for ID)

Probable Pine Warbler

So this was a short but still enjoyable few days in the Catskills in late spring…..after 2 years of COVID19 imposed travel restrictions, it was so good to be travelling and birding again….long may it last!

One thought on “The natural traveller on the go again….Catskills birding after Covid…

  1. Hi Ron, Lovely to see you travelling again and posting such beautiful photos. You must be glad to be on the road again. Love, Belinda

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