Brazil Birding(1) Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paolo

Brazil Birding(1) Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paolo

When: June 2018      Weather: Cool 20C

Nikon P900

Enroute to an eye camp in the Mato Grosso region of central Brazil, I stopped off in Sao Paolo first for a couple of days.  Stayed at the Pullman Ibirapuera and this was perfect for doing my usual 630am walk to a park before the day’s activities started.  Having heard lots of stories about muggings and crime in Sao Paolo, I was initially hesitant about walking to the Ibirapuera Nature Park (INP) by myself at daybreak….the concierge at the hotel though said it would be fine so off I went with my trusty P900 and 8x42s.  There were a couple of homeless people sleeping rough but they kept to themselves

Leaving the hotel, you turn right to cross the bridge and then head straight to the park in the direction of the obelisk…when you get near it, just hop across a couple of busy road and you are at the Obelisk….there were lots of birds here even before getting to the IP entrance on the other side of the oblelisk….


taken from the overhead bridge you have to cross on exiting right from the Pullman Hotel which you see on the left of picture. On the other side of the road, just walk down the ramp and head to the Obelisk in the distance,….



close up of the obelisk





First and prob the most common bird of the outing was the Rufous bellied thrush, the national bird of Brazil…



and then on the brickwork surrounding the obelisk, a greater Kiskadee posed…also very common.



The very handsome Great Kiskadee bathed in the morning sunshine around the Obelisk


After crossing a couple of roads behind the Obelisk, you will see this bus stop which shows the Ibirapuera Park entrance 1 and 2.

Entering through this large gate, there is a car park and lots of admin buildings.  As previous posters had said that you need a permit! to take photos and I enquired at the security counter in the large white domed building and was reassured that there was no such need.   The car park area provided the following sightings…


several busy brilliantly luminescent blue Sayaca Tanagers flitted around



gorgeous colours of the sayaca tanager


the previously sighted rufous bellied thrush was so used to people that it came right up close and posed



this other bird then appeared and got the worm for breakfast…a chalk browed mockingbird



a chalk browed mocking bird posing



the eared dove



A rufous Hornero also joined in the breakfasting..the national bird of Argentina and widely seen in South America



Rufous Hornero in the warm morning glow


Plain parakeets were everywhere



The rather nondescript but nevertheless lifer Creamy bellied thrush



arriving at the lake in the middle, it wa a tranquil scene despite the joggers and yoga people



A graceful black swan cruised



snowy egret and black swan…a contrast in colors



Chinese geese



and high up in the trees overlooking the lake was this magnificent black headed vulture



Neotropic cormorant sunning himself



the bougainvillae were in bloom



And in the trees near the lake, several little yellow things flitted around….a bananaquit….thanks to R White for ID. It looks a little like a mini great kiskadee



and another appearance by the rufous bellied thrush only he wasn’t so polite this time



Not sure what this bird is…


and finally, walking back to the hotel via the obelisk again, I finally got near enough to shoot these beauties,,,,the southern lapwing



lovely colours on the southern lapwing’s head picked out by the morning sun


Whilst the Ibirapuera Park is crowded with people even at 7am, its easy access from the centre of town makes it a worthwhile birding location and for a out of town birders like me, almost every sighting was of a lifer, making it great fun.  Recommended!

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