Margaret River Birding IV : Boranup

Margaret River Birding IV : Boranup

When:  February 2018      Weather:  Warm 25 and wet

Nikon P900


We’d been told that the Karri forest in Boranup and the manta rays in Hamelin Bay just beyond were worth a visit and so we set off early to Boranup where the trees were indeed impressive.  Something was calling out very loudly in the forest and it took us a while to locate it….


the dirt track amongst the Karri trees



we finally found the source of the bird call…likely a brown goshawk…thanks to Bob Kaufman for ID



another view of brown goshawk






another kookaburra view


We also saw some fantails but otherwise it was pretty quiet…we moved on down to Hamelin Bay but unfortunately it was raining heavily and we had to give it up…we stopped by at the Boranup cafe on the way back and had some yummy sausage rolls….there were a few birds too…


Not sure of the exact ID but it looks like a type of Flycatcher



another kookaburra



another flycatcher?

This was one of the quiete bird outings we did and with the distances involved meant there was quite a poor return on time investment….


2 thoughts on “Margaret River Birding IV : Boranup

  1. Great shots around Margaret River. Thanks for these and the reports. They’ll be useful for our trip there in a couple of weeks.
    Thanks also for the advice, outside the blog, on the P900. I am now tbe proud owner of one and just getting used go what it can do – which is quite a lot!

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