Eaton Canyon, LA Birding

Eaton Canyon, LA Birding

When:  May 2017                 Weather:  Cool 10-15C

Nikon P900,  Leica Q

In LA for a meeting and managed to get away for a morning’s birding in Eaton Canyon National Park, just 30min north of downtown LA. The weather was cool and we arrived at the park at 630am…


entrance to Eaton Canyon


black phoebe

Almost immediately, a black Phoebe came to greet us



This Spotted Towhee then appeared….



another view of spotted Towhee



Lesser goldfinch


lesser goldfinch

another view of lesser goldfinch



we then headed out towards the main trail…


oak titmouse

A pretty nondescript bird with a crest appeared in the bushes


oak titmouse (2)

It was an Oak Titmouse….several of them flitted about this nesting hole



walking along the main trail, we saw a flurry of activity near this tree and somebody poked his head out….he flew away only to return a minute later….



holding an insect in his beak and showing it to us triumphantly! A charming little house wren; he then flew back into the tree hole to feed his offspring



house wren…this time with a huge insect for his offspring….



In a flash of blue, this beautiful scrub jay posed for us….


scrub jay

another view of scrub jay


northern mockingbird

Northern mockingbird


immature annasHB

Female Anna’s hummbingbird



Male Anna’s HB



spectacularly coloured Anna’s HB



back view of Anna’s HB



California Thrasher with its curved beak like a spiderhunter in Asia


california towhee

California Towhee



California Towhee


squirrel well camouflaged in the bush


american bushtit (2)

American bushtit



ash throated flycatcher



ash throated flycatcher


acorn woodpecker

One of the prettiest birds this morning was the Acorn woodpecker…



acorn woodpecker



looking for grubs furiously..look at the holes made by the wp



last bird of the morning…..the cowbird


A most enjoyable morning wandering around Eaton Canyon in downtown LA…. in balmy conditions and a few lifers….life is good!  Many thanks to Bob Kaufman for help in identifying many of the birds.

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