Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve

When:  January 2016             Weather:  Cool, overcast, 26C

Nikon P900.  Lumix FZ200


For my first blog post of 2016, I returned to Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve, a place I’ve neglected for a while as Bidadari seemed to be the centre of all activity…and I was very glad I did….it was a dull and overcast day so photography was challenging but it was nice and cool  and comfortable.

Much renovation work has been done here, all for the better…lots of easy walking trails, boardwalks, hides etc etc.  It’s always worth hanging around the main bridge leading to the ponds as there’s lots of stuff there…

stork bill KF (2)

stork billed kingfisher perched over the river

stork billed kingfisher (1)

another view…unfortunately partially hidden by branches

grey heron and whimbrels

arriving at the first hide after the bridge, the ponds were a hive of activity with this grey heron lording it over a flock of whimbrels

whimbrels (3)The whimbrels were quite majestic in a group

common sandpiper (2)common sandpiper


redshanks were prominent


greenshank in foreground with redshanks behind


and then from the elevated hide, a flash of colour and noise…

flame back woodpecker

a pair of flame backed woodpeckers…


the male with his resplendent red crest..

Female FBWP

and the female also posed willingly

marsh sandpiper

more greenshanks


and then from afar, I saw this big white stork and thought it was a Painted Stork…but on looking again, looks to be a Milky Stork instead..

milky stork and egret

Milky Stork with Lesser Egret

needle fish

heading back across the bridge, needlefish were plentiful


there was even a crocodile

little heron

and the last bird of the morning…a little heron watching over everything

monitor lizard

there are a couple of ponds next to the visitor centre and if you stop for a while, you will almost certainly see the monitor lizard sunning himself


you will also see interesting fish like this snakehead

fish (2)

and this gorgeous ?tilapia like fish

fish (4)

and another


2 hours well spent at Sungai Buloh…birds, reptiles and fish….highly recommended!


6 thoughts on “Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve

  1. Lovely images of the woodpecker Ron! Also loved the images of the fish. By the way, the sandpipers right after the woodpecker series are actually greenshanks.

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