Birding in the English Garden, Munich

Birding in the English Garden, Munich

When:  May 2017                             Weather:  Cool 10-20C

Leica Q, Nikon P900

On Sunday, everything but everything in Munich is closed bar restaurants and museums…


DSCN0021Beautiful street in Munich

…. I took the opportunity to take a walk in the well know English Gardens in Munich.  We stayed at the Platzl Hotel near Marienplatz and you could either walk to the south end of the garden in 15 min or take a cab to the northern end of the garden and walk back towards the town centre…we did the latter…

The first thing you see is a beautiful lake near the restaurant with lots of swans, and ducks on it..


lake in english garden



this was a good sign of potentially decent birding…..



The greylag goose was present…and I’d just seen a whole lot in London’s Hyde park a month earlier…



Why did the greylag geese cross the road?



a female European blackbird



a blackbird sunning himself that morning



A white wagtail greeted us…



contrast of blackbird and white daisies



The blue tits were everywhere



A tapping noise led us to this greater spotted woodpecker high up



greater spotted woodpecker



A blackcap showed nicely



And then in one of those magical moments that only happen very occasionally when bird and nature and colour and light come together, this tufted duck swam into the red coloured reflection of the overhanging red leaves…



Tufted duck



a mallard against the much commoner green leaf reflections



And just before we left, this beautiful head appeared above the vegetation by the edge of the southernmost end of the lake,,, a Mandarin duck! As the rain was coming down by now I decided to come back again the next day…..



so about 630 am the next morning, I did the 15 min walk from the Hotel Platzl skirting the Hofgarten and Finanzgarten to go by the underpass to the southernmost tip of the English Garden….



the early morning light seeped through the foliage on the fast flowing river…



Some bar-headed geese were resting by the bank






The English Garden Munich is a strange place….beautiful lakes and streams, forests and flowers….and surfers??? in a small stream next to a bridge where the water was flowing in a torrent….maybe twenty metres long, you could see grown men with their wetsuits jumping in for a 10 second ‘surf’….they seemed to be having fun anyway!



But back to the birding now…on the misty moors, this raven seemed at peace



And then I found the Mandarin duck which I’d shot from afar the day before…quite resplendent



They walked about…peered at the fast current and then jumped in….



A very friendly chaffinch whom I’d seen a lot of in the Cotswolds in England a few weeks earlier



magnificent but mean looking red crested pochard



and in the hofgarten area this smart Fieldfare showed itself.



fieldfare with breakfast in mouth



Mistle thrush



another mistle thrush



the early morning female blackbird getting the worm




and just before I ended the morning, this noisy fellow drew attention to himself



Just a common european blackbird but quite attractive in the morning light with his orange beak, yellow eye and white tail feathers.



and last bird of the morning as the sun rose was this crow perched in front of the fading moon….


The English Garden in Munich is a wonderful resource….beautiful gardens, lakes, flowers, streams, birds and of course surfers!   The birding in the early morning is of course much better than in the afternoon.  Highly recommended.





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  1. Thanks for the blog and photos! You definitely answered some of my questions while wandering around the Munich English Gardens.

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