The Blue Coral Snake in Singapore

Singapore is a remarkable reservoir of flora and fauna and whilst I travel far and wide enjoying foreign nature reserves, sometimes, I get much more from our local forests as this post shows…I’m fortunate enough to have a young herpetologist friend who spends much time walking and looking for all sorts or creepy crawlies especially, serpents.

Blue Coral snake

Blue Coral snake

This is one of the most venomous snakes in Singapore from the Elapidae family; they have been known to kill humans!  My friend found this beauty in one of Singapore’s nature reserves…

1 meter long

1 meter long

Not the biggest snake around, this was about a meter long..but gorgeously coloured.IMG_8649 IMG_8623


tail detail


two tone blue body


head from back

The orangy red head led to the same coloured underside, contrasted by a two tone blue upper body…IMG_8646


After taking our pictures we of course let this handsome fellow back into his habitat….

9 thoughts on “The Blue Coral Snake in Singapore

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  2. Thank you for your gorgeous photo so that we can enjoy it without danger Please let me share to more friends, thank you!

  3. Lovely photos of a lovely snake. I wonder, did you help it to achieve such magnificent poses? I have seen a few but none have been so obliging.

    • Hi thanks for visiting my blog. It was indeed a memorable encounter with one of the prettiest snakes in singapore. I was fortunate enough to be with a snake handling expert who took great care to make sure the snake was feeling calm and settled and unthreatened…usually it’s very skittish and uncooperative

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