Arashiyama : The Bamboo Forest and the Sagano Romantic Railway

Arashiyama : The Bamboo Forest & the Sagano Romantic Railway

When: October 2019        Weather:  Warm 20C

Leica M10P, Leica Q Leica Monochrom

After a successful 32nd APACRS meeting in Kyoto, we took a break and spent two days in Arashiyama, famed for the Bamboo Forest.  It is also notoriously crowded at any time so rather than visit it as a day trip, we found and stayed at a small Japanese Inn called Hananoie which was perfectly located facing the River Katsura about 15min walk from the Bamboo Forest.  Arriving at Hananoie, we took an evening walk along the river side towards the Sogetsukyo Bridge where we turned right up towards the Tenkyuji Temple the Bamboo Forest…together with a ton of other tourists….


Hananoie inn…which came with half board and hot baths….excellent.


the charming garden in Hananoie


Stepping outside the hotel gates, this is the view that greets you…the Katsura river at this point


Turn right as you exit Hananoie and you get to the Sogetsukyo Bridge on your left ….to get to the Bamboo Forest, you turn right and walk another few hundred metres past a row of restaurants and shops.  We visited in the early evening and again at daybreak the next day….


The Bamboo Forest is imposing and fascinating


the path winding its way through the forest


Imposing heights


thick bamboo groves


Bamboos in different shades of green


as night fell, we exited the other end of the forest by the river and were greeted by the gentle hues of the setting sun


walk back along the promenade beside the river…at this point on the east side of the bridge, it’s called the river Oi


Evening on the river


6am the next day we headed into the Bamboo Forest again


Fewer tourists meant we had the place to ourselves


deserted at daybreak


the bamboos looked different in the morning light


and in black and white


everything in Japan is regulated and regimented but somehow this rebel bamboo managed to grow outside the designated area!


we said farewell to the forest at about 730am and headed back


the fish in the river kept apace with us


After breakfast, we took the first train of the day on the Sagano Romantic Railway.. a 10min walk from the station…


departing Arashiyama, the views of the river along the 25 min journey were nice


the end of the journey is Kameoka station where you can get a transfer to a boat for the 2 hour boat ride back…or bum around for an hour or two and take this same train back which is what we did…


There really isn’t really much to do in Kameoka…a temple and a field with pretty flowers and some street traders selling Matsutake mushrooms


wild flowers aplenty





these happy flowers reminded me of Monet’s garden in Giverny which we had visited a month ago….

The Sagano railway is interesting…but not that romantic and certainly not a must do.  The Bamboo Forest is good but better to stay here and visit early morning before the crowds alive….the same thing I felt when visiting the Taj mahal!


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