Kovalam birding

When: November 2015                 Weather: Cool in the dawn

Nikon P900 and Leica M240/35mm summilux

Staying in the Uday Samudra beach resort in Kovalam, Kerala, a 6am stroll on to the beach and adjacent waterway proved most interesting…

DSCN1891sunrise on the Kovalam beach..

L1004108walking inland a bit brings you to a coconut fringed waterway…just what kerala is known for..

L1004162a glimpse of the waterway

L1004159coconut palms as far as the eye can see

DSCN1668the cormorants were out in force

DSCN1820drying their wings in the morning sun


DSCN1697a greater and a little egret

DSCN1703an indian pond heron and a common sandpiper

L1004136-2there were quiet corners..

L1004121and pretty vistas

L1004150and coconuts too of course

DSCN1675fresh young coconut tree

DSCN1780and then from out of nowhere this beauty appeared!

DSCN1791back view

DSCN1729yes…it was the lovely common kingfisher which I’ve had the good fortune of shooting on several occasions in singapore recently…it flew all over the lake giving great photo opportunities

I had an hour free the next morning and returned to the lake and was rewarded….better shots of the common KF plus a few more!

DSCN2124common KF 2

DSCN2249a real poser

DSCN2186diving off to catch a fish in a spray of water



DSCN2128and a pond heron also showed off his breakfast

DSCN2288and paraded on a flower bedecked bannister


DSCN2373purple heron

DSCN2388greater egret

DSCN2376I then noticed some ripples on the water which looked like little fish…

DSCN2377Indeed they were little fish on the surface which the birds had been feeding on…


L1004139peace reigned


DSCN1862pond heron looking pleased with himself…

DSCN1637earlier in the morning I had seen this man enter the water and swim out to a boat….hadn’t thought much about it then..

L1004224when walking back to the hotel, I then saw this group of men hauling at something…I thought they were hauling a boat in or something..

DSCN1946until I realised that they were hauling in fishing nets which had been set by the boats and the men entering the sea earlier

L1004264the net being dragged in gradually

DSCN1952some men swam out to chase the fish into the heart of the net

DSCN1939as the nets got hauled in nearer the shore, the men started jumping on to the beach to pull…

DSCN1963here, the leader of one of the groups

L1004270they worked like a well oiled piece of equipment…the men at the back would walk to the front whenever more net was taken in..

DSCN2011And then some men jumped into the water and started shouting and thumping the water with their hands to corral the fish into the middle of the rapidly closing net so they would not escape from the sides..

DSCN1970and the waves were quite big!

DSCN2017till finally, after more than an hour’s enormous effort, the net began to emerge from the sea…

L1004278the net and ropes were disentangled so that whatever had been caught could be retrieved..

L1004318and when the net was finally opened……only sea coconuts were seen! I was just thinking after all that work….for a few coconuts!!

L1004327but then we looked closer and fish  could be seen in between the coconuts….no wonder it was difficult hauling the net up!

L1004340eventually there was a pile of smallish fish…couldn’t help but admire the hard work and labour that had gone into this well organised fishing expedition and felt a bit sorry for them that the fish were pretty small and unimpressive….

DSCN2024the crows  wanted a piece of the action

DSCN2060as did a Brahminy Kite..

DSCN2059eyeing the fish

L1004348this man got one of the larger fish…

L1004216keeping the nets

All in a great 3 hour walk in scenic  country, birds a plenty and then just watching a fishing activity I’d never seen  before….they don’t come much better than this!

Highly recommended.

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