Birding on the street where I live…

Birding on the street where I live..

When?  Ongoing                       Weather: Hot

Nikon P900

I bird regularly on my travels but sometimes, birding in my own garden and on the street where I live is not bad….after we moved into our little house, we tried planting flowering plants to attract our avian friends.


our little pond



flowering water lily





As our garden matured, we started seeing some local birds…


the ubiquitous yellow vented bulbul is always present and flies in and out of our front hedge



the sunbirds are very active in the two trees in front of the house and I can reliably find these guys almost every day



another view of male olive backed sunbird



The white headed munias are always a welcome guest



white headed munia



Asian glossy starlings are ever present and the red eye is a wonderful contrast to the glossy dark plumage



A pink-necked pigeon



and we get loads of these little guys, the oriental white eye that zips around in groups of 3-4 birds…



A pair of them liked our garden so much that they built a nest and laid some eggs…



Here, the eggs finally hatched and the baby birds were constantly calling for Food…more food!



sometimes, the most surprising things show up… a Sunda Pygmy woodpecker!



and amongst my brilliant Tecoma stans flowers, this little sunbird…I think a female olive backed sunbird flitted around



A red whiskered bulbul also showed up recently… as did a crimson sunbird which I unfortunately wasn;t quick enough to shoot…



and just last week, this lovely lineated barbet came to feed



lineated barbet



and finally, one day we heard a thump in the garden and this poor little dark browed warbler had crashed into our windows….we comforted it for a while and then it flew off…


Of late, I’ve seen a few more new species in my garden….there was a crimson sunbird who came and went before I could get my camera and then today…


the brilliantly coloured scarlet backed flower pecker !



a pair of them were chip chip chipping in the garden and posed for a few moments….what a treat to see them in my garden!

Of course the birds in my garden do not appear all at once and these pictures are collected over a few months….

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